Sunday, May 9, 2004

For this week’s update I have been working on a lot of little things for the site. I’ve added a few more things to the Mandy Moore section. I finally saw “Chasing Liberty” this week and will have a review up soon. I’ve added my review of her current album “Coverage” and made some revisions to her bio.

I’ve also added three new sections. The first is a page about the real Beaufort North Carolina and have included a map to it’s location. The second is an invitation to interview people involved in the making of “A Walk To Remember” and post those interviews. If you know anybody that this applies to, please let them know about it. The third section is a page with a text link and banner to link to this site if you are so inclined. If your site is AWTR related (about the movie, the book, one of the actors, etc.) I will link to you on the main page as well if you drop me a line and tell me you linked to me.

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