A Brief History Of This Site

A Brief History:

The current site “A Walk TO Remember” Online is a merger of two separate sites “A Walk To Remember” Online which has always been located at http://www.awalktorememberonline.org and the “A Walk To Remember” Shrine formerly located at http://www.transwarp2000.net/awalktoremember/ . The “Shrine” was started in February of 2003 and “A Walk To Remember” Online was started shortly before 5/25/03. On or around 6/25/03 I made the decision to merge them into one site.

“Online” was originally a share point team services site, chosen to suit my needs for an interactice site. The original merged site was that basic site with content from the “shrine” added in. This didn’t work out very well and due to the inadiquacy of the site and the cost, I moved the whole thing to a professional web hosting account with Webmasters.com. I found that I could replace much of what I lost from the sharepoint site by installing the phpBB forum and other PHP and CGI scripts.

The site was originally designed with Microsoft FrontPage and when i nixed the share point site I decided to convert things gradually over to the more flexible tool DreamWeaver. Over a period of several months the stie was redesigned with the new software and recoded. About 2/3 of the site is new code. This is the site you seenow. I continue to enhance the site and bring back the original pedition(s) and poles and add new content. This page is a record of that journey.

Below are the archived updates:

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