9/25/03: Thanks for your patience!

Thank you to all of you for being so patient with me while I complete the integration of the two old sites “A Walk TO Remember” Online and “A Walk TO Remember” Shrine into the single site “A Walk To Remember” ONLINE.

Some notes:

* The only email address you should use is the <webmaster@awalktorememberonline> address. The <fanfic@transwarp2000.net> address is not checked regularly. I am in the process of pergint these refferences from the old pages.

* Duplicate content from the two sites are being merged or recreated in a new form. For example: The page awtr-home.htm will be eliminated. The links from that page are now on the awtr-main.htm page. The content from that page will be appearing on a new page awtr-why.htm in a slightly modified form. When this is complete the old page will be removed.

* Some of the interactive content (message boards, etc.) are generating errors. When that happens, please hit the reload button on the browser. This usually fixes the problem, but may take two or three pages.

* I am having major problems on the “Store” pages. I am working on this. For some reason many of my links are not appearing on the downloaded pages even thouth the server copies have them.

* Some of the interactive pages do not display the site theme. I am working on this. I have to edit the pages that I am able to, but the server will not give me write access to everything so some pages may have to stay as they are.

* The top link bar has disappeared from most of the interactive pages. I am working on this.

* Please feel free to send me comments and bug reports to the “Webmaster” address. Thanks again for your patience.

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