Sunday, April 25, 2004

WELCOME to the NEW and IMPROVED “A Walk To Remember” Online!

Boy has it been a long time since I updated, but I think I’ve made it worth the wait!

As those of you who have been here before can see, I have completely redesigned the website. The original was designed using Microsoft FrontPage which included a lot of unnecessary HTML coding and required special “server extensions” to make a lot of the content work. I have redone the site using DreamWeaver and excised all of the code that required the FP server. In fact, about 2/3 of it is new code. The Interactive functions were replaced with ones using PHP/MySQL, cgi and other more standard coding. The result is a cleaner site that loads better and should work in any current browser. It will also soon moving from hosting at to my own dedicated server for more customizability.

I have fully integrated the forum and other site features so that they will look like they are part of the site rather than just add-ons. I have added a number of screen captures from the movie. Some of these came from the web and others were done by me. This upgrade had a goal of improving the overall functionality and apperance of the site. The next step will be to augment the actual content of the site pages which was only minimal this time.

I have tested the new site in the most recent versions of Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Netscape, and Opera. Because it is still widely used, I tested it in Netscape Communicator 4.7 as well. The site should be fully functional in all of the browsers in the first group, but will work in Netscape 4.7. For the best results, I recommend using the most recent version of Mozilla. That is my browser of choice and the one I test it in first.

If you are experiencing problems with your browser, please email me, and give me as much info as you can as to what is going on (Exact OS Version, Browser name and exact version, web page url, description of the problem, and a word for word copy of any error message you get). I will look into all of these, but the Internet being what it is I can’t tie my hands in the area of design by maintaining complete backward compatibility. I only have access to Windows 98SE and XP Pro for testing purposes. If there is anyone willing to test this on the Mac platform (OS X preferred), please let me know.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy the site and as always, don’t forget to tell your friends about the site. Thanks.

–Tim, Webmaster
“A Walk To Remember” Online

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