What scenes are deleted from the movie?

According to Adam Shankman, there were 36 deleted scenes from the movie. Most are unknown to the general public. The following are ones that have been mentioned in the DVD commentary or other sources:

bulletbullet When Jamie was sick in the hospital, there was a short scene where Landon sang “Only Hope” to her. It was cut because it was felt that it made it too sad.
bulletbullet When Jamie and her father were talking on the porch after London gave her the sweater, the scene was much longer with much more back and forth. Rev. Sullivan told her that she needed to give the sweater back or give it to charity. The scene was cut down because it made Rev. Sullivan come off too harsh.
bulletbullet The scenes in the cemetery were a lot longer. A third scene — Jamie telling Landon that her mother is buried there and asking to never come back — was deleted.
bulletbullet There were several more discussions about God and faith (Landon/Jamie, Jamie/Rev. Sullivan, Landon/Rev. Sullivan).
bulletbullet The “Virgin Marry” scene was longer and dialog was cut to keep the movie a PG rated film.[ One deleted line was “Nice Funbags!”]
bulletbullet The scene where Jamie’s dad was talking to her in the hospital was much longer in the script and as filmed. It revealed what has thus far only been hinted at, that Mrs. Sullivan had died shortly after giving birth to Jamie and some other background. It was cut for length and because it was too gloomy.
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