Was it awkward for Mandy and Shane to do their first screen kiss so early in the shoot?

Yes. I found the following on teenhollywood.com:

Awkward Scenes For Moore And West

July 26, 2002

Mandy Moore felt awkward kissing her co-star Shane West for the first time – because their respective partners were watching.

The actors played a couple in the hit movie “A Walk To Remember” and had to kiss early on in the shoot.

Moore says, “The first day we met, both our exes were there and neither of us were in a good mood. But I gave her a big hug – I knew we had to do the scenes right away where our characters were really into each other, so I wanted us to get on.”

“It was so awkward! I think directors do it to make actors feel as uncomfortable as possible! It’s insane. We had to kiss in front of everyone – including my ex!”


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