Is Mandy a fan of “Jars Of Clay”?

If you listen closely to the scene where Landon and Eric have a fight because “you don’t have time for your friends anymore” Landon tells him that the CD he is playing was leant to him by Jamie. The song we hear is one of JoC’s biggies, “Flood.” [The song describes life being overwhelming at times using the allegory of the biblical “flood.”]

Mandy was asked if she had ever listened to JoC on her website and she answered that the only JoC song that she had heard was the one used in the movie. [It’s somewhere in the “Ask Mandy” archive. I don’t have an exact link.]

To Mandy and anyone else who may be reading this, I recommend you check out:

bulletbullet “Flood” (from “Jars of Clay”)
bulletbullet “Love Song For A Savior” (from “Jars of Clay”)
bulletbullet “Like a Child” (from “Jars of Clay”)
bulletbullet “Overjoyed” (from “Much Afraid”)
bulletbullet “Fly” (from “The Eleventh Hour”)

“Fly” would have made a good song for the AWTR soundtrack. The song is about the author’s pain and hope at loosing his wife to Cancer. CLICK HERE for the lyrics.

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