A Walk To Remember (2001)

Written By Karen Janzen
Based upon the book by Nicholas Sparks

Transcript of final edit film by Brian Brady <>

This transcript has been reviewed and edited many times and compared against the DVD version of the movie several times; as well as a copy of the shooting script and number of online sources and believed to be as accurate as it can be. Never the less, if you find a typo, error, or omission, please email me at the above address and I will look into it.

  This is still a work In Progress!

Chapter 1 — Initiating The New Kid (Credits)



The UNIVERSAL logo appears,

A train WHISTLE is heard as the the PANDORA PRODUCTIONS logo appears.

WALKER (v.o.): Yeah!

ERIC (v.o.): Come on!

DEAN (V.O): Whooo!

In the B.G. we hear CANNONBALL by The Breeders’ followed by a CAR  approaching, tires SCREECHING.



Ext. Beaufort Cement Factory — Night


A car with retractable headlights RETRACTS it’s headlights


It’s late evening. Two cars and a truck are stopped outside of an old CEMENT PLANT.

BELINDA exits her car (the one we saw in the first shot) and shuts the door. She’s parked beside DEAN’s truck. ERIC’s jeep pulls up on the other side of Belinda’s car. WALKER climbs out of Belinda’s passenger seat and TRACY climbs out of the passenger seat of Dean’s truck. Eric gets out of his jeep.

Dean: Is he here yet?

Tracy: Maybe he’s scared?

Eric: Man, I gotta take a massive piss!

WALKER goes to tie his shoe on BELINDA’s bumper so his back is facing ERIC who’s walking ahead.

Eric begins to unbuckle his pants in order to urinate in the street. He turns his back to the others.

Dean: Any excuse for you to pull that thing out.

LANDON CARTER pulls up in his RED CAMERO. Eric sees him, turns away, and hurriedly finishes.

Eric: Shit

ERIC waves his hand like ‘Don’t you dare be lookin'” and turns away from LANDON’s car.

Landon pulls up to the rest of the group, and gets out. From his radio, we hear “SO WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?” by West, Gould, & Fitzgerald

Your smile was a drug
Your style was money
So what does it all mean?

The camera pans back to TRACIE and DEAN, who are currently making out, TRACIE’s back pressed against the side of DEAN’s truck. LANDON exits his car and slams the door.

Landon: Okay, anybody got any beer?

Dean and Tracy separate for a moment.

Tracy: We finished em all at school. Besides, you’ve had enough.

LANDON smiles as he passes by the two lovebirds. He greets DEAN with a handshake. TRACIE and DEAN return to their kissing as soon as LANDON passes.

Belinda (to Landon): I’ve got one. It’s not cold, but it’s yours if you want it.

Eric approaches, finishing zipping up his pants, and climbs on the hood of Dean’s truck.

Eric: Yeah, all you gotta do is sit up, beg, roll over, and shake that booty Ha Ha Ha!

Belinda (sarcastically): Thanks a lot Eric!

Eric: Any time, babe.

He chomps the air.

Walker (o.c.): This is gonna be sweet!

Dean (laughing): I’m glad I thought of it!

Tracy: You guys are animals! Just because he’s new–

Dean (angrily, in her face): Hey! You’ve been talking shit the whole time here! Why don’t you just be quiet?

Landon: Hey, hey, you know how it is. Nobody’s forcing him to show up.

Tracy: Dean!

Belinda: What if he doesn’t? I want to go back to the dance.

Dean: Hey, Belinda, I’ve got an idea. Why don’t you go back the dance by yourself?

Belinda (quietly): I wasn’t talking to you Dean.

DEAN grabs his crotch and looks at her smugly.

Landon (to Belinda): You know I don’t dance.

He steps over to join DEAN by his Camaro.

Eric: It’s true! I’ve seen the man bust a move and it just ain’t pretty!

Eric climbs off of the truck hood and moves toward Belinda.

Eric: But a brother like myself is ready to get his freak on. So what do you say, baby?

He moves to ‘get his freak on’ with BELINDA. She pushes him off her.

Belinda (sarcastically): Why don’t you put your freak away before you hurt somebody?

Tracy: Like yourself.

WALKER: Oh, that sucks.

CLAY’s jeep pulls up.


He starts clapping; acting like a giddy little schoolgirl.

ERIC: Aw yeah.

Dean: He’s here!

ERIC:  Oh, here he comes. Here he comes.

DEAN: He’s here!

LANDON looks up at DEAN and smiles. Grinning, DEAN rolls his forehead against LANDON’s

Dean (to Landon): All right, here he comes. (to all) Hey, look at the Safari Joe truck!

Eric: I can’t wait to see you fly!

CLAY GEPHARDT climbs out of his Australian style land rover and waves at the group.

Clay: Hey

Tracy: Hey

Eric: Hey, nice shirt, Opie!

Landon and Dean Laugh.

Dean: You’re late! I thought I, I said be here at 10, be here at 10. Can you remember that next time?

He shoves LANDON playfully.

Dean leads the way off of the street onto the property. The others fall in behind him. Clay walks next to Landon.

WALKER approaches him. They do a little macho man handshake and skip on ahead. WALKER and ERIC laugh. TRACIE and BELINDA trail behind holding hands.

Clay: Dean, is he always like that?

Landon: Yeah, always, Man. So how about it? (spreading his arms, waving them like wings) Are you ready to fly?

Tracy rushes ahead of Belinda to catch up with Eean.

Tracy (calling out to Dean): Hey, wait up Baby!

Dean (happy): Whooooh!

Tracy (to Dean): Let me et on your back, giddyap! Giddyap!

CLAY is checking out the water as everyone makes their onto the lot. LANDON catches up to ERIC. TRACIE’s getting a piggyback ride from DEAN.

Dean (happy): Whooooh!

The group approaches a high tower with a ledge over the pool of deep water. Everyone reaches the platform. DEAN sits down and TRACIE gets off him. The others crowd around. DEAN explains the task to CLAY.

Dean (to clay, with a a devilish look): Okay, here’s the deal. You’re gonna jump from there (gestures to the tower) to there (gestures to the pool). That’s it, and you’re one of us. Okay? You ready?

Clay: Yeah

Dean: All right. All right.

Dean puts his hands on the sides of Clay’s neck.

Dean: Let’s do this, Okay?

Clay nods uneasily

DEAN walks away from him. TRACIE is right behind him holding his hand.

Dean: Whooooh!

Landon sees the doubt in Clay’s eyes.

Landon: Hey, it’s cake, man. Hell, I’m jumping with you.

CLAY’s eyes go to the platform. It’s quite a jump.

Clay: How, how deep is it?

Landon: I don’t really know. Let’s find out, huh?

Landon slaps him on the shoulder, grins, and heads toward the tower. Dean Laughs. Clay removes his jacket and follows.

Clay: Let’s do it

Clay removes his shirt, glances at the tower again, and follows.

Chapter 2 — The Accident

Ext. Beaufort Cement Factory — Moments Later

The group are gathered at the base of the tower.

Clay once again eyes the platform. Landon and Clay ascend the tower; Landon leading the way.  Everyone’s watching. ERIC does the handshake thing with DEAN.

They continue up the ladder. From below they hear the group:

Group: Ha, ha, ha

Eric: Yeah, shit, yeah!

Dean: Whooooh!

Walker: Come on, Let’s go! Ha, ha, ha, Jump!

They reach the top. Clay looks down.

Walker (o.c.): ha, ha, ha!

Clay (uneasily): You done this?

Landon: We’ve all done it. Come on.

WALKER (o.c.): I hope you had your Wheaties!

Dean (o.c.): You guys gonna do this tonight?

Landon ushers him to the edge.

Landon: On three. One . . .


DEAN and TRACIE kiss. ERIC looks up at LANDON and CLAY with a smile on his face.


LANDON: Two . . . Three!

Clay jumps. Landon does not. He just stands there grinning like an idiot.

Dean: Whoooh!

ERIC: Oh . . .! Ha ha ha! Yeah!

The whole group is laughing hysterically.

DEAN: Whoo! Yeah.

TRACIE: Whoo! Oh my God.

Clay drops into the water, landing with a thud and a big splash., but when they notice that he does not surface, they stop laughing.

ERIC: Ohhh. Yeah.

He claps madly. Everyone is still laughing and cheering. A moment passes then CLAY’s body floats to the surface facedown. The cheering stops.

TRACIE (alarmed): Oh my God.

WALKER: Oh, shit.

Belinda (worried): He’s hurt. Landon! He’s hurt!

Tracy: What happened? Is he okay?

Belinda (terrified): Landon, get down here!


LANDON (quietly, troubled) What the hell?

He races down the platform and to the water


ERIC: (to Landon) Come on, man!

Tracy: What the hell! Dean, what the hell!

Belinda: You guys, he’s hurt!

Eric: Come on, man!

Landon descends the ladder.

Belinda: See if he’s okay. Dean, you idiot!

Tracy: I told you this was a bad idea!

In the water, come on.

Landon, get him outta the water.

Hurry up!

Landon reaches the bottom of the tower and JUMPS in with a big splash, swimming out to Clay.

Eric: Hurry up!

Tracy: Is he dead? Is he dead? What are we gonna do?

Overlapping panic.

DEAN (to Landon): Come here, come here.

Landon reaches Clay’s limp form and begins to pull him toward shore.

Landon: Help me!

Everyone’s yelling at once.

Tracy: Hurry up; Get him over here!

Landon: There’s a pipe. He must have hit it.

ERIC: Come on, get him out of the water! (his voice cracks) Hurry up!

LANDON reaches shore.

Dean: Get over here. Come on, get him out of the water! Watch his head! Watch his head! Hey get him out!

ERIC Come on, get him out.

A SECURITY GUARD flashes a flashlight in their direction from the far side of the pool. He’s several yards away from them.

Guard: Hey, who’s down there?

Hearing that, Dean decides to abandon Landon and Clay, and begins shouting at TRACIE:

Eric: Come on! Tracy, come on!

They begin to panic.

WALKER pulls BELINDA up to drag her away.


DEAN: (to Tracie) Go!

The guard begins running toward them.

Guard (into his walkie talkie) Central, we’ve got trespassers. Send a squad car.

WALKER Come on, Landon.

DEAN Come on!


DEAN, BELINDA, and WALKER are all running back to the cars.

DEAN You guys, just leave him!

WALKER: Come on, forget about him!


ERIC is the only one helping LANDON, who still hasn’t gotten CLAY out of the water.

ERIC: Give me his arms. Give me his arms.

LANDON hands CLAY over to ERIC. ERIC pulls CLAY ashore.

LANDON: Watch his head.

ERIC: It’s all right. I got him. All right, come on. We gotta get outta here.

LANDON climbs ashore. ERIC helps him up.


ERIC: Landon, come on!

LANDON: Get outta here!

LANDON kneels beside CLAY. ERIC runs to join the others.

TRACIE (O.C. to Dean) I told you not to do this!


They reach DEAN’s truck and scramble inside.

DEAN revs up his truck. BELINDA is panting, trailing behind WALKER. She looks back at LANDON and CLAY.

WALKER: Belinda, come on! Let’s go!

She hesitates; it’s her car not his.

Walker (then): Come on, get in! I’m driving.

Belinda gets in with him and they drive off.

Eric reaches his vehicle and drives off.

We hear the serine from an approaching squad car.

Ext. Beaufort Cement Factory — Night

Landon hovers above Clay’s still form for a moment, hesitating to leave him.

LANDON (horrified) Oh, shit.

Clay stirs and Landon realizes that he is unconscious but alive. CLAY begins coughing and moving his head from side to side. LANDON grabs him to make him stop moving.

LANDON (urgently) Calm down. Shhh!

LANDON looks down at CLAY, holding his head in his hands. CLAY has a nasty gash on his forehead and his nose is bleeding. LANDON stares down at him anxiously.

Hesitantly Landon takes off as well. He grabs his clothes and moves back toward the street.

Ext. Street next to Cement factory — Later

Landon scrambles toward his car, jumps in, slamming the door and drives off.

Landon: Dammit!

The car screeches off. Fuel’s “Empty Spaces” blares on his stereo. Landon pulls out just as the squad car arrives. He circles the Camaro around, nearly colliding with the cop car. The cop car screeches and turns to follow. The chase is on.

This is the way
Is the way
I fill your spaces now
It’s the way
‘Cause all that’s been left for me is to fight to fill your empty spaces now


There is a brief chase, but LANDON has nowhere to turn. He drives wildly trying not to crash into anything. He glances behind him. The cop is right behind him. Soon the cop is right alongside him. They exchange another look. The cop pulls up ahead of LANDON to cut him off. LANDON turns and smashes into a water barrel filled with dirt. dirt splashes up and over the now damaged Camaro. LANDON coughs and moves painfully. The cop approaches him and shines a flashlight on LANDON’s face. LANDON’s forehead is bleeding from a fresh cut. He turns to look at the cop wearily.

The police officer parks his car and approaches Landon with a flashlight.

Officer: Put your hands on the wheel.

Landon complies.




Chapter 3 — Those In Need [“Lighthouse”]

Ext. Beaufort Harbor — Morning

A fishing boat on the bay at dawn. Birds crow.


MRS. CARTER’s station wagon is parked out front of their one story home.

Int. Carter Kitchen — Morning

MRS. CARTER rises from the table, an empty plate in her hand. She sighs as she makes her way to the sink. She turns to see —

LANDON limping around the corner as he enters the room. A bandage covers his forehead. He sighs.

MRS. CARTER turns her back to him again. LANDON slowly eases himself into a chair at the table and picks up a fork.

Landon: You know, Mamma, my leg really hurts today.

He begins to eat the breakfast his mother has set out.

Landon (continues): I don’t think I can go anyplace.

Mrs. Carter (turning): Maybe I should call your father?

Landon: NO!

She gives him a disapproving look.

Landon: I’m not talking to him!

Mrs. Carter: This has got to stop between you two. You can’t do that. You need a father!

LANDON ignores her and turns to his fork.

Rev. Sullivan (v.o.) Let us be thank full today that a life was saved by Our Lord —

Int. Beaufort Baptist Church Sanctuary — Sunday Morning

REVEREND SULLIVAN is at the pulpit. He continues his speech:

Rev. Sullivan (cont.): And let us pray for the lives of the others involved . . . who are clearly not on the path to righteousness.

BELINDA shifts uncomfortably in her seat and looks over at LANDON who clearly doesn’t want to be there either. REVEREND SULLIVAN nods. LANDON scratches his forehead.

The church choir, including JAMIE SULLIVAN, robed in blue, rise and begin to sing “Lighthouse”

Choir (singing):

There’s the light,
From the lighthouse

BELINDA observes the choir thoughtfully.

Let it shine on me
I wonder

LANDON shifts in his seat wanting so badly to leave. His eyes finally land on the choir.

I wonder
If the light

JAMIE’s eyes meet LANDON’s. He’s instantly both surprised and curious.

From the lighthouse
Would shine
Would shine
Would shine on me

Jamie Sullivan begins her solo. The woman next to her smiles.

JAMIE (singing)

Here is my thought
This is my plea
Lord let your holy light shine on me
I wonder will you

LANDON looks up at JAMIE again, now upset.

Hear my prayer
I know I’m not worthy, but I need your help
Lord shine your light
Shine it this way

LANDON moves uncomfortably again, but his eyes stay fixated on JAMIE. BELINDA turns her attention to LANDON again, now bitter. JAMIE is looking at LANDON again.

Shine it so I can see which way to take
My faith is in you

BELINDA looks up at JAMIE.

To bring me through
I have one question

The rest of the choir joins in on the chorus:

CHOIR: (singing)

I wonder

[Overlapping Rock Music. — Noogie’s “Friday On My Mind.”]


Chapter 4 — Appropriate Punishment

Ext. Beaufort High — Morning

Students cover the campus. The music continues:

Monday morning feels so bad
Everybody seems to nag me…

Female cheerleaders in tight blue shorts and white tee-shirts practice summersaults in the courtyard.

A FLIRTY GIRL strolls past LANDON, greeting him with a flirty smile. He returns the grin. He’s sitting down, surrounded by his pals. ERIC, TRACIE, and WALKER stand; DEAN is on the left of him sucking on a straw, and BELINDA is on the right, placing his crutches down since LANDON was momentarily distracted.

Eric: So how’s the leg?

Landon: It’s good.

Tracie applies foundation makeup.

Tracy: I can’t believe you were in jail!

LANDON shrugs.

Walker: Man, what’d you tell them?

DEAN takes a swig of Coke.

Landon (matter-of-factly): It was a nice night for a drive. I ended up at the cement factory, found Gephardt, tried to give him some help, got spooked, decided I oughta leave before they thought I was involved.

Eric: I gotta hand it to you man. You’re the Jedi Master of Bullshit.

The two share their “secret handshake”

BELINDA watches the two, smiling.

Tracy sees Jamie off camera and make comment to their friends

Tracy (sarcastically): Dam, that Jamie Sullivan sure has style!

LANDON and BELINDA both turn to see the “style” Tracie’s looking at. DEAN goes back to his coke.

They see Jamie walking in their direction, carrying a box of stuff used in astronomy.

Belinda: Yeah, wore that same dress in the fourth grade.

Jamie gets closer. She’s walking towards the school just minding her own business.

Eric: Hey, it’s the quiet ones you gotta watch out for. I mean, hey, man, she might put it on a brother like a pop tart.

Girls (to themselves): ah.

Everyone cracks up, except for BELINDA, who looks insulted as though he directed that comment towards her. Meanwhile, audiences everywhere wonder what the hell ERIC means.

Walker: With a little maintenance, she might not look too bad.

Jamie gets closer, passing them.

Belinda (sarcastically): Nice sweater.

Jamie (smiling): Thank you.

LANDON looks at her. She looks back. ERIC tries very unsuccessfully to suppress his giggles. JAMIE leaves. They all burst into laughter as soon as she’s gone, except BELINDA and TRACIE (who watches her go).

ERIC (mocking Jamie) ‘Thank you.’

More laughter.


Int. Beaufort High Principal’s Office — Day

Landon sits in a chair across from PRINCIPAL KELLY, playing with his keys.  PRINCIPAL KELLY sets out four empty beer bottles on his desk.

Principal Kelly: I student claims you were drinking on school property. Lucky for you, Clay Gephardt isn’t talking. [then] The owners of the factory aren’t pressing trespassing charges [beat] at least not today. I said I’d arrange “appropriate punishment.”

Landon (flatly): What are you gonna do, expel me?

Principal Kelly: Not yet. [beat] Besides attending your regular classes, you will help our janitorial staff after school

Landon: For pay?

Principal Kelly: For the inner satisfaction it brings.

Landon scoffs

Principal Kelly (continuing):  On Saturday mornings you will tutor students at our sister school.

Landon rolls his eyes.

Principal Kelly (continuing): And finally, you will participate in the drama club’s final event.

Landon (dryly): The spring play?

Principal Kelly: It’s time you experienced other things. Started spending time with other people. Don’t blow it Landon.

Int. Beaufort High Gymnasium — Afternoon

Tables are set up for the “Stars and Planets” club. Jamie Sullivan addresses them. In the B.G. Landon sweeps the floor. He has his personal CD player with headphones on and is watching them without making it obvious.

Jamie (to students): this is a device made out of plastic wrap, a coat hanger, and White Out. Does anyone know what it is?

Landon (absently): It’s a star frame.

Jamie hears him and glances at him, and then turns back at the group.

Jamie: This is a star frame. It will help you locate stars and planets with your naked eye.

Landon’s friends Dean, Eric, Walker, Tracy, and Belinda enter the room.

Jamie (continuing): Mercury and Jupiter can be seen just over the west horizon after sunset.

Dean (to Jamie): Bet you can see angels up there, flying around.

Jamie (to Dean, directly): In fact, there are some things that can be called miraculous. Einstein said that the more he studied the universe, the more he believed in a higher power.

Dean: “Well, if there is a higher power, then why can’t he get you a new sweater?”

Laughs from the group

Jamie: “He’s too busy looking for your brain”

Laughs laughs from everyone except Dean

Eric: Oh (mocking) you’re bad!

Landon (to Dean): Hey, laugh, it’s a joke.

Dean: Let’s get outa here.

Landon: I can’t. I gotta stay

Eric: Principal Kelly’s gone. Let’s make some moves

Dean: Come on. Come on

Walker: I don’t know. The custodian thing kind of suits you.

Landon: Thanks buddy. Thank you.

The others leave. Landon and Jamie meet gazes for a moment before she breaks contact and goes back to her students.

Jamie (to the students): Look at this chart. You see Halley’s Comet . .

Chapter 5 — What other people think

Ext. Belinda’s House — Late Day

Landon’s family SUV pulls up and stops.

Landon (v.o.): Okay, so I’ll see you at school.

Int. Carter SUV — Late Day

Belinda: My parents aren’t home, if you want to come inside.

Landon: Come on, Belinda, nothing’s changed.

Belinda (trying to hide her disappointment):  Yeah, whatever.

She takes a deep breath and exits the vehicle

Landon: Okay.

Ext. Belinda’s House — Late Day

Landon drives off.

Int. Landon Carter’s Bedroom — Saturday Morning

Mrs. Carter: Good morning, Landon. Come on. Wake up! Up, Up, Up, Up, Up!

[Landon opens his eyes.]

Landon: It’s Saturday. No school.

Mrs. Carter: Tutoring.

Landon groans.

Ext. Rural Road — Morning

A school bus drives down a rural road.

Ext. Jefferson Jr. High — Morning

A school bus pulls up in front of Jefferson Jr. High, the door opens, and the passengers begin to disembark.

Int. Jefferson Jr. High Classroom — Morning

Landon sits next to a younger student named Luis with an open geometry book. In the. B.G. Jamie assists female student.

Landon: Let’s try this again. Which of these are similar triangles? This one or that one? [gestures to the book] What do you think?

Luis slams his hands down in frustration.

Luis: Man, I think this is bullshit!

Jamie and her student look up from what they are doing.

Luis gets up and walks out.

Landon (to himself): That makes two of us.

Landon slams the book shut.

Int. School bus — Midday

Landon closes the lid of his portable CD player. He is wearing headphones and listens to loud rock music and looks out the window.

Jamie rises from her seat a few rows ahead of him, across the isle and moves to sit next to him. He quickly glances at her and then turns away pretending to ignore her.

Jamie: Hey. Do you wanna buy some raffle tickets? I’m trying to raise enough money so we can buy Jefferson new computers.

He looks at her.

Landon: No.

He looks away again.

Jamie: So I saw you in there with Luis; and I know it can be very difficult [beat] but maybe you should try back into it from somewhere else.

He ignores her. Un-frazzled, she changes the subject again.

Jamie: Are you gonna go visit Clay Gephardt?

He does not respond.

Jamie (to herself): that would be a No. (to Landon) You know that they moved him from the hospital to that rehab place on Oak Street.

Landon looses patience with her and violently removes his headphones.

Landon (angrily): Is that your idea of small talk or something? If it is, your social skills need work! No one forced him to jump!

Jamie: It’s called “peer pressure.”

Landon: How do you know that? Did you read about it in your precious book?

He gestures to the old and worn Bible in her lap

She glances at the book, looks up, closes her eyes for a second, trying to maintain control of her emotions. Finally she opens them.

Jamie: Please don’t pretend like you know me ok?

Landon: But I do… I do. We have all the same classes at the same school since kindergarten. Why you’re Jamie Sullivan. You sit at lunch table 7. Which isn’t exactly the reject table, but is definitely in self exile territory. You have exactly one sweater. You like to look at your feet when you walk. Oh, oh, and yeah, for fun you like to tutor on the weekends and hang out with the cool kids from the “Stars And Planets.” Now how does that sound?

Jamie (matter-of-factly): Fairly predictable. Nothing I haven’t heard before.

Landon: You don’t care what people think about you?

Jamie: No.

She returns to her previous seat and he puts his headphones back on.

Ext. Rural Road — Morning

The bus continues back to Beaufort high.

Chapter 6 — His act, her list

Ext. Beaufort High — Afternoon

Eric’s Jeep pulls up and stops at the front entrance.

Int. Eric’s Jeep — Day

Eric is in the driver’s seat. Landon is in the passenger seat.

Eric: Now, I don’t know what your problem is. Miss  Garber had nice hooters going on, Man.

Landon: This is bullshit.

Eric hands him his crutches as he climbs out.

Landon: Thanks.

Eric: I just can’t wait to really see you in some stage makeup. That’s gonna be kinda cool.

Landon closes the door.

Landon: Just be back in an hour, man.

Eric: Tell them to do like West Side Story, you know get that nice big booty lookin’ girl from Selena, “Maria! Maria!”

Int. Drama Classroom — Day

On Miss Garber:

Miss Garber: This year’s spring musical is a tale of burning passions and blazing Tommy guns,

On the group of assembled students:

Present are about 15 students including EDDIE ZIMMERHOFF, SALLY and Jamie, who is sitting next to Sally. Most of those assembled are female.

Miss Garber (cont.): written by our very own Eddie Zimmerhoff; [Eddie nods] with words and music by Jamie Sullivan [Jamie smiles]. It follows the rise and fall of Tommy ‘the gun’ Thornton in Prohibition era New York. Eddie Perhaps you —

Landon enters.

Miss Garber: Mr. Carter, better late than never. Please join us.

Landon: Sure

Miss Garber: Now then (looking at her notes), Let’s see. Jamie will be our Alicia, a mysterious club singer. Sally will be playing Caroline

Jamie (to Sally): Congratulations.

Miss Garber: And Landon will be Tommy Thornton.

Landon (surprised): No. No. See, I hadn’t planned on acting or anything.

Int. Drama Classroom — Later

The cast members are assembled in a big circle reading their lines for the first time. Sally is perfectly in character as Caroline. Landon reads his lines, but clearly isn’t trying that hard. In fact, he’s a little amused.

Sally: When did you know, Tommy?

Landon: Know what?

Sally: That we were in love!

Landon: Love? Ah, baby, I don’t think you want to go falling in love with a guy like me.

Sally: It’s too late Tommy, I’m crazy about you! I’m breathing it, drinking it all in. Aren’t you?

Landon: Yeah, yeah, I don’t know what I’m drinking doll face (grinning), but if this is love… pour me another glass? (laughs)

Miss Garber: Mr. Carter, are you trying to be bad at this?

Landon: Uh, no, just comes naturally.

All laugh, except Miss Garber, Eddie, and Jamie.

Miss Garber: All right everybody. Let’s go to the end.

Ext. Beaufort High School — Later

A car drives by. Landon waits by the curb for Eric to pick him up. in the B.G. Jamie and Eddie talk as they come out of the building and descend the stairs.

Eddie: Don’t even pretend like you won’t be great!

Jamie: Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Eddie: All right, I’ll see you.

They part ways and a friend of Jamie’s, who is also in the cast, greets her.

Jamie’s Friend: Bye

Jamie: Bye

Jamie sees Landon standing by the curb and approaches him.

Jamie: So would it kill you to try?

Landon (smiling): Yep, and I’m too young to die

Jamie: Ok, so you don’t care about classes or graduating. But you like school because you’re popular, and you’ll never be on top again.

Landon: That’s thoroughly predictable.

Jamie: Your act only works on an audience.

She walks off into the parking lot. He checks his watch and realizes that Eric is not going to pick him up.

An awkward beat. Still no Eric. He isn’t coming.

Realizing that he has an opportunity if he doesn’t delay he follows Jamie.

Int. Jamie’s Car — Afternoon

Jamie gets into her car, fastens her seat belt and starts it up. She sees Landon approach her window.

Landon: “Feeling, Christian?”

Int. Jamie’s Car — Moments Later

Landon is in the passenger seat. Jamie starts driving down the road.

Jamie: Seat belt?

Landon scoffs but complies. She presses a button on the dash board turning the radio onto a station that she likes. We hear “If you Believe” by Rachel Lampa.  He changes it to something more to his linking. She changes it back. He changes it again.

Jamie: I forfeit

Landon: Thank you.

Jamie (to herself): 42…

Landon hears her and reacts.

Landon: 42. What… What do you mean 42?

Jamie: 42 is befriend someone you don’t like.

He reacts.

Jamie (continued):  It’s a “To Do” list I have for my life.

Landon: What? Like getting a new personality?

Jamie: Mmm, No… Spend a year in the peace corps, make a medical discovery–

Landon: Ambitious

Jamie: be in two places at once, get a tattoo…

He looks at her.

Landon: What’s your Number One?

Jamie: I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you

She smiles. He laughs.

They drive past some of his friends on the side of the road Landon lowers himself in his seat so that they can’t see him. Jamie watches him, smiling, bemused.

Chapter 7 — Learning Lines

Ext. Carter House — Afternoon

Landon and Eric are on his porch reading lines. Eric is sitting on a bench while Landon stands. each holds a blue covered copy of a SCRIPT entitled Thornton’s Way.

Eric (reading): I’ve come to see if you’re ready.

Landon (reading): Take a good look, lady. The only thing I’m ready for is a dirt nap.

Eric: Ready to look inside, Tom Thornton. Your words have been heard and not just by me.

Landon: When you walked out of the rain into my club, that wasn’t just a coincidence . .  Ah . . . shit.

Eric: Nothing’s a coincidence, baby. You know you’re the only one that can make me say:

Suddenly breaking character, jokingly pretending to hump Mrs. Garber.

Eric: Oh yeah Mrs. Garber, you’re gonna put Eric in all your plays!

Switching positions; as Mrs. Garber.

Eric (mocking): Oh Eric, I’m gonna put you in all my plays!

Landon: Oh, come on! Come on, man! Do you know I’ve only got three weeks to memorize this?

Eric: Man, you couldn’t pull this off in three months! DeNero couldn’t even make this shit work.

Landon: I didn’t write it, okay!

Eric: No, but you’re the one whose gonna make a jackass outta his self, in front of the whole town . . school . .

Landon: Look, I don’t have a choice! So would you just help me out, please?

Eric rises and puts his hand on Landon’s shoulder.

Eric: You know I’m just bustin’ you up, right? I’m gonna be there opening night in the front row. You can count on it. . . . With tomatoes.

They both smile.

Landon: Thanks man.

They execute their “secret handshake.”

In the B.G. Mrs. Carter pulls up with a car load of groceries. She begins to unload them.

Mrs. Carter: Landon? Boys, can you please help me with these groceries?

Landon: Yeah

Eric: No problem

They move to help her.

Int. Beaufort High Hallway — Day

Landon comes out of a room, closing the door behind him. He sees Jamie at her locker and approaches her.

Landon: Jamie.

Jamie: What do you want Carter? I’ve known you for years. You’ve never been the first one to come up and say hello.

Landon: I was thinking maybe we could run lines together.

Jamie: Landon Carter is asking me for help?

Landon: Yeah.

Jamie: Okay, I’ll pray for you.

[She begins walking down the hall. He follows her.]

Landon: Jamie, look —

Jamie: You’ve obviously never asked anyone for help before, right? A request like yours requires flattery, groveling . . . it can’t just be about you.  It has to be for the common good of everybody.

Landon: It is for the common good! Eddie Zimmerhoff deserves the best. [Looking into her eyes.] Please?

Jamie: One condition, though, Carter.

Landon (loosing patience) What’s that?

Jamie: You have to promise that you won’t fall in love with me.

He’s sure she’s joking.

Landon: [bemused] That’s not a problem.

Jamie: Ok, I’ll see you today after school.

She walks off.

Landon: Okay.

Int. Sullivan Kitchen — Day

Jamie and her father are in the kitchen talking. She is in the process of making dinner.

Rev. Sullivan (in disbelief): Landon Carter is coming here? He’s dangerous. He’s careless; the worst kind of bully . .

Jamie: Daddy, what about forgiveness? [beat] I thought we had discussed that I would decide how I wanted to spend my time and my life?

Rev. Sullivan (sulking): It’s him I don’t trust, not you.

The doorbell rings.

Ext. Sullivan House — Afternoon

Landon stands outside of the front door with his script folded in half in his pocket.

Jamie opens the door.

Landon: Hi

Jamie: Hi

Landon: So, you gonna keep me out here all afternoon?

Jamie (smiles): Come on in.

She steps aside to let him by. He enters. She closes the door.

Int. Sullivan Living Room — Afternoon

Jamie heads toward a prominent staircase leading upstairs

Jamie: My script’s in my room, so I’ll be right down. (she starts up the stairs)  Make your self at home.

Landon: yeah! [to himself] not likely.

Landon walks into the living room and takes a look around. He sees pictures of Jamie when she was younger on the mantle (she was blonde), but what catches his attention is a bust of Jesus sitting on the table.

Landon (to himself): That’s one scary-looking–

Rev. Sullivan (o.c.): Hello

Landon (turning, startled): Jesus!

Rev. Sullivan: No, Jamie’s father. Hello, Mr. Carter. I understand you’ve managed to win the lead in the school play. Congratulations.

Landon (pause, he doesn’t know what to say): Listen, thanks for letting me come over and run lines with Jamie.

Rev. Sullivan: I didn’t let you.

Landon (surprised): Oh.

Rev. Sullivan: It’s a school night. Let’s get one thing straight, Mr. Carter. You think that on Sunday, I don’t see you from where I stand. But I see you. . . I’ll be in my office, just here (gestures to the next room).

Jamie (o.c.): Ready?

Landon: Yeah, let’s go.

They move off to another part of the house to run lines.

Ext. Beaufort High School — Morning

Landon approaches his group of friends. Dean opens his arms.

Dean: Landon, where have you been?

Landon: No where.

Dean puts his arms around Landon’s shoulder and pulls him aside.

Dean: Hey, come here.

Landon: Yes, what’s up?

Dean (quietly): Are we cool?

Landon: Yeah, sure.

The bell rings.

Chapter 8 — Read My Mind

Ext. Rural Highway — Late Evening

Landon is driving by and sees Jamie headed toward a cemetery.

Landon (to himself): What the hell?

Curious, he stops to investigate.

Ext. Cemetery — Late Evening

Landon gets out of the car to investigate.

Landon: Hey

[she stops and turns to face him.]

Landon (continued): What are you doing here?

Jamie: I should ask you the same question.

Landon: Do you normally walk by yourself in the cemetery at night?

Jamie: Maybe

[She turns and continues.]

Landon: What are you doing?

Jamie looks over her shoulder, turns, and flashes her flashlight in Landon’s face

Jamie: Come and see.

Ext. Cemetery — Later

Jamie sets her telescope on it’s stand and steps back.

Landon: Okay, what’s that?

Jamie: This . . .  is my telescope. I built it when I was twelve. . . . (gesturing to it) take a look.

He looks into the eyepiece.

Landon: Saturn. Very cool.

Jamie: Yeah, I’m planning on building a larger one so I can see the comet Hyakutake. It comes this spring, but nobody knows when it’s coming back

Landon: Ah, Nature’s miracle. I get it.

Jamie: Get what?

Landon: That you’re into all this stuff.

Jamie: “This stuff”? I have my beliefs. I have faith. But don’t you?

Landon: No. There’s too much bad shit in this world

Jamie: Without suffering, there’s no compassion.

Landon: Tell that to those who suffer.

She shakes her head in disbelief.

Ext. Beaufort High — Morning

Some girls in short shorts go up the stairs into the building.

Int. Beaufort High School Hallway — Day

Landon and his crowd are congregated around someone’s locker.

Eric: That’s what I love about early spring

A girl in short shorts passes.

Eric (to girl): Where those legs been hiding?

Belinda: She’s trashy.

Dean and Tracy see Jamie approaching (o.c.)

Tracy: Well, if it isn’t the Virgin Mary.

Dean: Here comes your leading lady

Jamie walks up to them.

Jamie: Hey, Carter. So I’ll see you after school?

Landon: In your dreams.

She gives him a hurt look, pauses for a moment and then moves on.

Eric: Ha, ha. . . Ouch (softer) Hi, where’s your sweater?

They all laugh. Carter fakes a smile, but we can see that his heart isn’t in it. He’s ashamed of what he’s said.

The bell rings

Dean: Let’s get out of here

Eric (to a passing student) What up Dub?

Ext. Sullivan House — Afternoon

The Carte family SUV pulls up. Landon gets out

Int. Sullivan House — Afternoon

Jamie tinkers on the piano (a few bars of “Only Hope”), while her father reads. The doorbell rings. They look up.

Ext. Sullivan House — Afternoon

Landon rings the bell a second time. Jamie answers. She sees it’s him and her natural smile falls.

He moves his mouth to say something  and she silently closes the door in his face. He knocks again.

Landon: Jamie, come on, open the door, please..

She opens the door.

Landon (to self): What-

She comes out, and closes the door behind her. He has to take several steps back.

Jamie: What do you want, Carter?

Landon: You’re not in a good mood.

Jamie (flatly): You don’t miss a thing.

Landon: Listen Jamie I was hoping we could run lines together?

Jamie: (nodding) Well, okay but just not so anybody knows right?

Landon (smoothly, with a smile): We’ll I just figured we could surprise everyone with how good I get.

Jamie (with a fake smile): Like we could be secret friends.

Landon: Exactly, exactly.  It’s exactly like your reading my mind.

Jamie: Great umm… maybe you could read mine.

She gives him “the look” — the look that all men dread; the look that tells them “boy have I screwed up bad.”

His smile sinks; he’s in shock.

She turns and heads back into the house.

Landon (coming to his senses): Jamie! Jamie I can’t just be your friend.

She goes back inside and begins to shut the door behind her. Just before she closes the door she answers him:

Jamie: Landon, look, I thought I saw something in you, something good, but I was very wrong.

She closes the door.

Landon: Dammit!

The door opens again, a moment later, and Rev. Sullivan comes out.

Landon: Sorry, sorry..

Landon backs away.

Ext. Carter Home — Night

Establishing Shot

Int. Landon’s Room — Late Evening

Landon is lying on his bed, paging through the previous year’s YEARBOOK when he comes across Jamie’s PICTURE. Next to it, he reads:

Jamie Sullivan:
Red Cross; Stars and
Planets; Drama Club.

Ambition: To witness a miracle.

He closes the book.

Int. Jefferson Classroom — Day

Luis plays with his basketball sitting on the table, barely paying attention to Landon.

Landon: Come on. You know the answer? Come on, man, I know you know.

Landon exhales, loosing patience. He glances out the window, sees the basketball court and gets an idea.

Ext. Jefferson Jr. High — Day

Landon and Luis stand next to each other in front of a basketball hoop.

Landon: Okay, it’s you, me, and the basket. We form three corners of a triangle. Now take a step toward the basket [they do]. Am I at the same angle to you and the basket as before?

Luis: Yeah.

Landon: Are you?

Luis: Yeah

Landon: So what did we just make?

Luis: A Similar Triangle?

Landon: Yes. Yes, okay, make me an Isosceles

He takes a step to the left.

Landon: You got it. Two sides the same.

On Jamie:

who watches them through a window.

On Landon and Luis:

Landon: Okay, enough of this. Let’s play

Luis tosses the ball to Landon

On Jamie:

who turns back to the classroom.

Chapter 9 — Pushes and Shoves [“No one, enough”]

Play Practice Montage:

[NOTE: There is no sound from the actors during this montage. We hear the song “Mother, We Just Can’t Get Enough” by the New Radicals, over the entire thing.]

Landon’s Room:

bullet Landon paces, pencil over his ear, script in his hand. He is deep in thought. He makes a note in his script

Drama Classroom:

bullet Miss Garber helps her choreography and dialogue.
bullet Sally hits Landon on the shoulder
bullet Sally hits Landon on the shoulder (different)
bullet Sally hits Landon on the shoulder (different)
bullet Miss Garber demonstrates how she wants Sally to hit Landon (harder)
bullet Sally hits Landon on the shoulder the way Miss Garber has demonstrated.
bullet Sally practices a move
bullet Miss Garber models Sally’s move for her
bullet Sally hits Landon again
bullet Miss Garber takes a bored Landon aside to explain something

Landon’s Room:

bullet He practices his lines again, making another note in the script

Drama Classroom:

bullet Miss Garber explains something to Landon
bullet Sally hits Landon again
bullet And again
bullet And again

Landon’s room:

bullet Landon makes a note in his script

Drama Classroom:

bullet Miss Garber corrects Jamie’s posture and demonstrates some hand movements. Landon looks bored, sitting at a nearby table
bullet Miss Garber demonstrates movement and stance for Jamie
bullet Again

Landon’s Room:

bullet Landon sits on his bed and reads

Drama Classroom:

bullet Miss Garber shows Jamie the head movements she wants
bullet Landon Watches
bullet Jamie practices the head movements

Landon’s Room;

bullet He makes a note in his script

On Stage [Dress Rehearsal]

bullet Sally practices her move and hits Landon
bullet She hits him again
bullet She hits him again
bullet Landon Studies his lines

Int. Beaufort High School Hallway — Day

The halls are packed. Jamie and Landon pass each other. We can tell that she is still mad at him, but she does turn and watch him briefly when he isn’t looking.

[Transcriber’s note: This little shot was the last shot for the movie filmed by Mandy Moore.]


Chapter 10 — Did it hurt?

Ext. Oak Street Rehab Center — Day

Landon approaches, walking past several people. One is on crutches; another is in a wheelchair. There are also several staff.

Landon walks into the building.

Int. Rehab Center Room — Day

Landon walks into Clay Gephardt’s room. Clay is lying on his bed watching and old Sci-Fi movie on TV as Landon approaches. Clay glances at him and then back to the TV.

Landon (softly): I came to say I’m sorry.

Clay (bitterly): Well you did. Feel better?

Landon: No. I feel like shit.

Clay (bitterly): Good (then) You know what? I actually thought I wanted to be your friend. And now I have no idea why. No idea.

Landon: I made that jump once. Thought I was a bad ass. I remember actually saying that I meant to belly-flop.

Clay: Did it hurt?

Landon: Like hell.

Clay (amused): Good. (then) So I guess I’ll see you at school then?

Landon leaves.

[Transcriber’s Note: This was the final full scene filmed for the movie. Originally intended as a “cover set” — Plan “B” in case weather precludes location shooting — it was never needed and finally filmed on the last day of shooting. The director says that it is one of the most expensive scenes in the movie to get because they had to pay the actor playing Clay to be on call every day of the 30-some day shoot in case he were needed.]

Chapter 11 — Opening Night

Ext. Beaufort High School — Late Evening

Establishing Shot

Landon (v.o.): Pour me a drink, Joey.

Int. School Auditorium — Evening

The play is in full production. All of the cast are on stage and in 1920’s era costume  and character. The audience is packed. In the scene that follows, we see the choreography and dialog that the actors were practicing in their final, polished form.

Sally: You promised me, Tommy, no more of your no-good night schemes. You promised me we’d go to Paris.

Landon: I’m not gonna sit on my kiester and watch the fatcats in this town get rich, okay. Trust me, this is a sure thing.

Sally (angrily): That’s it! We’re through!

In the audience:

Belinda takes a picture.

DR. WORTH CARTER enters the auditorium and takes a seat.

On Stage:

Sally: Go ahead and run your booze, you big dope! [She hits him on the shoulder.] And I hope you drown in it.

She begins to walk off stage left, but stops when a robed female figure enters. We can tell that it is a female, but a hood obscures her face.

Sally (to the girl): So, you must be the new girl he’s hired; (to Landon, in her best New York accent) The singer? (to the girl) You want some free advice about this one? (to her, but facing Landon) Stay away from him. He’s nothin’ but trouble in cheap spats.

The hooded figure remains silent as Sally exits the stage.

Chapter 12 — Only Hope

Int. School Auditorium — Later

In the audience

Eric has fallen asleep.

On Stage:

The stage is empty of cast with the exception of Landon and the hooded figure. This is obviously later in the play, and probably late at night. The lighting is dimmer. Several tables have chairs up on them as if they were placed their at closing time to facilitate sweeping the floor.

The hooded figure is standing. Landon/Tom is sitting on a chair and staring at the floor. His arm is still and there is a speck of blood on his shoulder. We assume he has been shot. He does not see her there and speaks to what he thinks is an empty room.

Landon: Look, I aint blaming you. I aint asking for forgiveness either.

The robed figure removes her hood. It is JAMIE. She has had her hair done, and is wearing just enough makeup to accentuate her features,  She appears to have glitter in her hair and shines under the stage lights.

Landon (still staring at the floor): I just did what I had to do

She completely removes the robe and tosses it over a table. She is wearing a pastel blue satin (silk?) dress.

He registers her presence but does not look up.

Landon:  When you walked out of the rain and into my club . .  that wasn’t just a coincidence, was it?

She takes a couple steps and stands next to him.

Jamie: Nothing’s a coincidence.

He looks up. He can’t take his eyes off of her.

In the audience:

Eric is awake again and mesmerized.

Rev. Sullivan looks on in awe, and concern at how Landon is looking at his daughter. His hand is over his mouth.

On stage:

Landon (surprised, in wonder): Your face. You look so familiar like this dame I knew once, only it wasn’t real! It was a dream.

She sits down next to him.

Jamie: Tell me about this dream girl.

Landon: Well, I don’t remember. All I know  . . . is you’re beautiful

He believes it and is completely star-struck.

In the audience

Belinda reacts — negatively

Stage Left:

Miss Garber and Eddie are standing off stage and also react. She tries to prompt him his line.

Miss Garber (quietly): The song. The song.

On Stage:

Landon (returning to reality): The dream . . . help me remember . . . will you sing to me?

The piano begins playing. Jamie begins to sing “Only Hope”:

There’s a song that’s inside of my soul
It’s the one that I’ve tried to write over and over gain
I’m awake in the infinite cold
But you sing to me over and over again

Jamie stands up, steps away from him and stands in the spotlight.

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray to be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I know now you’re my only hope

Sing to me the song of the stars
Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again
When it feels like my dreams so far
Sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray to be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I know now you’re my only hope

I give you my destiny
I’m giving you all of me
I want your symphony
Singing in all that I am
At the top of my lungs
I’m giving it baaaack . ..

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands and pray to be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I pray to be only yours
I know now you’re my only hope

Jamie sits back down next to Landon and concludes the song.

Hmm Hmmmm

Ohooooooooo . . .

The music stops.

He kisses her . .  she kisses him back; her eyes wide open.

This isn’t in the script.

The curtain closes.


Audience Member: “That was great!”

Int. School Auditorium — Later

The play is over. Most of the audience is gone, but much of the cast, their friends and families are still there. Most of the cast have changed out of their costumes.

Mrs. Carter: Hi kids (to Landon). Honey, I couldn’t believe it. What a transformation!

She gives him a hug

Landon: Thank you, please but stop.

She lets go of him.

Mrs. Carter: Don’t be home too late

Landon: Okay, thanks

She leaves.

Rev Sullivan walks off with his arm around Jamie, who glances at Landon.

Edie Zimmerhoff walks up to Landon.

Eddie: Interesting rewrite you did out there tonight, Carter

Landon (modestly): I did my best

Eddie (smiling): And your acting didn’t suck, either.

Eddie slaps Landon on the shoulder

Eddie (continuing): Gotta go. Talk to you later.

Landon: Okay

Eddie walks off

Miss Garber walks up to Landon.

Miss Garber: Landon, you were marvelous

Landon: Thank you.

He walks off, looking for Jamie.

Miss Garber stands by herself, suddenly realizing that she is alone

Mr. Carter:  Landon? Fine performance, son!

Landon (angrily): What are you doing here?

Mr. Carter: Your mom told me about it. I thought we’d get a bite after the show

Landon: I’m not hungry.

Landon walks off

Mr. Carter: Landon, don’t walk away.

Landon: You taught me how.

Chapter 13 — Who’s scared now?

Ext Beaufort Harbor — Night

Establishing shot.

Ext. Beaufort Harbor — Morning

Establishing shot.

Int. Beaufort High School Library — Day

Tracy and Belinda are sitting across from each other at a table. They see Landon enter and speak in low voices

Tracy: Oh, my God. Look who’s here

Belinda looks up.

Tracy: Don’t look at him.

Belinda: Don’t stare too much!

He sees them, but decides not to sit with them, looking for someone else.

Tracy: I guess he doesn’t want to sit with us

Int. Beaufort High School Library — A few moments later

Landon approaches Jamie who is sitting by herself at a table off in a corner eating her lunch and reading a book. He sits down next to her. She does not look up from her book.

Jamie: people can see

Landon: and that would ruin your reputation how? (then, gesturing to her book): What’s that?

In response, she silently holds the book up so he can read the title To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Jamie: I’m reading all the books on Mr. Rothman’s list of contemporary American authors.

Landon: How many books are there?

Jamie: A Hundred. But then there’s his British list and European list.

Landon (nods): So is this on your list, to read all of these books?

Jamie takes a drink from her JUICE BOX, making a loud SLURPING sound.


Landon: Jaime, I’m trying here, okay?

[She doesn’t respond]

Landon: Maybe . .  Maybe I miss spending time with you.  . . . Maybe you inspire me.

She looks at him.

Jamie: Sounds like bull.

Landon: Which part?

She gathers her books up preparing to leave.

Jamie: All of it.

She rises, slings her backpack over her shoulder and stalks off, leaving her unfinished lunch.

Landon: Well, it’s not!

Jamie (over her shoulder): Prove it.

Landon pauses for a moment, exhales in frustration, and then follows her.

Ext. Beaufort High School –Day

Jamie runs out the front door and down the stairs. A moment later, Landon runs out and continues after her.

Landon: Jamie!

She reaches the bottom

Landon: Jamie!

He reaches the bottom and catches up to her, grabbing her arm, turning her to face him.

Jamie: You don’t know the first thing about being someone’s friend!

Landon: I don’t just want that!

Jamie: You don’t know what you want!

Landon: Neither do you! You’re scared that someone might actually want to be with you!

Jamie (turning to him): And why would that scare me?

Landon: Because you couldn’t hide behind your books . . or  . . . or your friking telescope, or your faith! [beat]

She turns to run away. He grabs her shoulder, stopping her.

Landon: No, No, You know the real reason why you’re scared? It’s because you want to be with me too!

Jamie breaks free and runs off. He throws his hands up in frustration. She gets into her car and drives off, leaving a frustrated Landon standing at the curb.


Eric and Landon are working on Landon’s car. While Landon works, Eric puts a CD into the small boom box sitting next to them. We hear: “Get Ur Freak On” by Missy Elliot.

Eric: Awwww . .  we’re gonna get this party jumping.

Landon looks up.

Landon: Can you turn down Soul Train? Some of us are trying to work

Eric: You really know how to bust a robot’s groove

Eric turns to change the CD

Eric (continued): It’s all good, because we’ll get Club Landon and Club Eric jumping now.

He puts on a different CD. We hear “Flood” by Jars of Clay

Eric: Okay, Okay, you’re not feeling my hip-hop, but what the hell is this?

Landon: Jars of Clay, Jamie leant it to me.

Eric: Mmm.. Now she got you listening to her people music.

Landon: OK, her people?

Eric: Yeah, uh huh. Bible-hugging, crucifix-wearing, honk-if-you-love-Jesus people.

Landon: She’s not like that.

An uncomfortable pause.

Eric: Well . .  a . . . you’ve got Belinda thinking that little lip action between you and Jamie was kinda . .  real.

Landon does not respond.

Eric: What’s with you man? It’s like you don’t have time for your real friends anymore.

Landon: I don’t know buddy. I’m just over it. I’m sick and tired of doing the same shit all the time.

Eric: This girl’s changed you, and you don’t even know it.

Landon: Let me guess . . . Belinda said that too?

Eric: No . .  . I did.

The two friends eye each other. Eric has a look of deep sadness and concern in his eyes.

Chapter 14 — Need to forgive

Ext. Sullivan Porch — Late Evening

Jamie sits on a swing. Landon approaches.

Jamie: You

Landon: Me


He holds out a gift bag

Jamie: What is it?

Landon: I brought you something.

He holds it out to her. She takes it, a feint smile on her lips.

Jamie: Thank you.

She looks at the bag, then at him.

Landon: Well, I’ll see you at school

Jamie (nods): Okay.

He walks off

Rev. Sullivan comes out just in time to see him go down the porch stairs

Rev. Sullivan: Mr. Carter.

Landon (over his shoulder): Later Reverend.

Reverend Sullivan approaches Jamie. She opens the bag and pulls out a pink sweater in the style she usually wears. She s pleased. Smiles.

Reverend Sullivan opens his mouth choosing his words very carefully.

Rev Sullivan: Jamie  . . .  Boys like that have . . . expectations

She looks at him but does not respond.

Rev. Sullivan: The rules around here are not going to change

Jamie meets his gaze

Jamie: Fine.

He holds her gaze.

Rev. Sullivan: Now you might not care what I say or think . .  but you should care about God’s opinion.

Jamie: [she looks him in the eye] I think he wants me to be happy.

An awkward beat

Jamie: Dad, it’s just a sweater. I’m gonna  go make us some dinner, okay?

She kisses him on the cheek and goes into the house.

He rolls his eyes and exhales in frustration.

INT. Carter House Kitchen — Day

Landon cooks spaghetti. Mrs. Carter sits nearby working on some bookwork.

Mrs. Carter: I talked to your dad today. He said he saw you at the play for about ten seconds.

Landon: Sending a check once a month does not make him a father

Mrs. Carter: Landon, there are a lot of reasons–

Landon: He left us

Mrs. Carter: You need to forgive him too.

Landon does not respond.

Chapter 15 — The picture of spite.

Int. Beaufort High School Hallway — Morning

Students walk to their classes.

Belinda shows PLAY PICTURES to Eric and Walker.

Eric: Jamie Sullivan, Oh, me, oh, my. Look at Jamie Sullivan. She was lookin’ all right in that play.

Belinda: She doesn’t look hot

Walker: Yeah, I would have to say that during the play she looked hot.

Belinda: I have the best idea!


Int. Campus Computer Lab — Morning

Jamie’s face is being edited in some photo editing software on a computer.

Walker (v.o.): Can you do something like move it?


INT. Campus Computer Lab — Morning

Eric, Tracie, Belinda, and Walker sitting before the computer that Jamie’s face is being edited on.

Walker: Maybe move it around a little something . . here


Ext. Beaufort High School Front Steps — Day

Tracie hands out copies of a flier to students

Tracie (to a passing student): Take one.


Int. Campus Computer Lab — Day

They continue to work on the picture.

Walker: Stop it for a second. Check it out!


Ext. Beaufort High Front Steps — Day

Tracie and Walker hand out fliers

Dean arrives. Tracie shows him the flier

Tracie: Hey, look at this.

Tracie (to another student): here

She gives Dean a kiss and he walks off.

Tracie (to another student): Take one, look.

Int. Beaufort High School Hallway — Day

Jamie walks down the hallway, looking at her feet. Belinda sees her and approaches.

Belinda: Jamie

Jamie: Hi

Belinda: I just wanted you to know that there are no hard feelings. Landon and I are like, way over.

Jamie (suppressing a smile, pretending to be confused): I really don’t know what you are talking about.

Belinda: Jamie, you’d be so beautiful if you knew how to do your make up.

Jamie is surprised by this. Her reaction reads something to the effect of “Who are you and what have you done with Belinda?”

Belinda: Come on, eat lunch with me.

Jamie: Okay?

Belinda leads her toward the lunch room.

Belinda: Want a tic tac?

Jamie: No thank you.

Belinda: Okay.

Int. Beaufort High School Lunch Room — Noon Hour

The room is packed.

Belinda saunters into the room, over to a table where some friends are sitting.  She picks up one of the fliers, pretending that she has never seen it before.


— The Lunchroom:

Everybody in the room has a copy of the flier and they are all captivated by it. A few see Jamie and begin laughing.


Belinda: Wow (innocently, showing the flier to Jamie). Is that you?

The picture shows a woman in a sexy bikini with Jamie’s face pasted on it and the caption: “VIRGIN MARY?” at the bottom.

Belinda (innocently, with an evil smile): Nice bod’.

[NOTE: As filmed, the picture here was actually a nude. But a bikini was drawn on her in post-production to allow the movie to have a PG rating.]

Jamie is noticeably upset: Shock, Humiliation, Anger.


The rest of the room spot her and begin laughing


Jamie’s face displays a wide range of emotions — embarrassment, anger, fear,  — and turns away, walking away at a brisk pace.


Landon is suddenly behind Jamie, stopping her in her tracks.

Landon (quietly, with urgency, needing her to understand): Look. This is about me, ok. This is not you.

Jamie, obviously more upset, Nods.

Landon: Stay here.


Landon walks into the room, grabs the flier from Belinda’s hand, walks over to Dean and gives it to him.

Dean: (looking at the flier) Hey, man. No wonder you’re keeping her all locked up. I had no idea this was under all that–

Landon gives him a shove.

Dean pushes him back

Tracie: Dean, shit!

Dean (to Tracie): Hey! You stay out of this!

Landon hits him in the cheek, sending him reeling.

Another student tries to calm Dean and gets shoved for it.

Landon walks off.

Dean: That was a mistake, Landon. We’re through! We’re through!

Landon: That’s great.

Dean: We’re through forever!


Landon (to Jamie): You okay?


Dean: You made a mistake, Landon!


Jamie nods

Landon: You sure?

Landon: All right, let’s get out of here.

Dean (o.c.): Hey, you little chicken shit.

Landon and Jamie leave the room.

Dean (continued): We’re through forever!

Int. Beaufort High School Hallway — Day

Outside of the lunch room, Landon attempts to comfort the still upset Jamie. She’s breathing heavily, disoriented, unable to speak.

Landon: Baby, baby, I’m sorry, OK? They’re animals, alright? You want me to take you home?

She nods, and he leads her off.

Ext. Sullivan House — Afternoon

Landon’s Corvette pulls up.

Int. Landon’s Corvette — Afternoon



Jamie: I’m not allowed to date.

Int. Beaufort Baptist Church — Day

Rev. Sullivan is standing up behind the lectern working on his sermon as Landon enters.

Rev. Sullivan (as he sees Landon enter): “Can I help you?”

Landon: “Yes sir. I’d like to ask your daughter to dinner on Saturday night.”

Rev. Sullivan: “That’s not possible.”

Landon: “With all due respect, sir, I ask you to reconsider.”

Rev. Sullivan: “With all due respect, I made my decision. You can exit the way you entered”

Landon: “I’m sorry I haven’t treated Jamie the way I should have. She deserves more than that. I’m asking you for the same thing you teach us every day in church, and that’s faith.

Chapter 16 — Dating and Dancing

Ext. Beaufort Restraint — Evening



Jamie: Would you like to dance?
Landon: Uh, sorry. I don’t dance.
Jamie: Me neither. I mean… Not usually in front of anybody.
Landon: Well, no. I mean… I don’t.. at all. As in I can’t.



Chapter 17 — Two from her list [“Dancin’ in the Moonlight”/ “It’s Gonna Be Love”]


Ext. Beaufort Peer — Late Evening

Jamie: “How can you see places like this and have moments like this, and not believe?

Landon: “You’re lucky to be so sure.”

Jamie: “It’s like the wind. I can’t see it, but I can feel it.”

Landon: “What do you feel?”

Jamie: “I feel wonder, and beauty . . . Joy, love. I mean it’s the center of everything!

Landon looks into her eyes.

Landon: “I might kiss you.”

Jamie: “I might be bad at it.”

Landon: “That’s not possible.”

He kisses her.

Landon: “Jamie . .  I love you. [an awkward beat where she doesn’t say anything] Now would be a good time to say something.

Jamie: “I told you not to fall in love with me.”

Chapter 18 — In Love

Landon: Okay, right now you’re straddling the state line.

Jamie: Okay..?

Landon: You’re in two places at once.

She squeals with Glee and hugs him.


Int. Sullivan Kitchen — Dusk

Rev. Sullivan finishes making himself a cup of tea. Taking a sip, he sees something out the window.
Ext. Sullivan House — Dusk

Rev. Sullivan steps out onto the porch in time to see the two if them share a good night kiss

Rev. Sullivan: Jamie, say good nght to Mr. Carter

They both look at him

Rev. Sullivan: Landon go home . .  the evening’s over

Landon; Goodnight

Jamie: Goodnight

Landon leaves. When they are alone, Rev Sullivan addresses his daughter.

Rev. Sullivan: “Jamie, you’re behavior’s sinful. You’re . .  you act with that boy like you’re–”

Jamie: “– In love?

Rev. Sullivan: “Jamie, you’re a child.”

Jamie: “Dad, look at me. . .  I’m not a child.”

Rev. Sullivan: “Then stop acting childish!”

Jamie: “I love him.”

Rev. Sullivan: “Then be fair to him, Jamie, before things get worse.”

He walks into the house. She slowly follows

Chapter 19 — Her #1

Ext. Graveyard — Night

Jamie is assembling her telescope. Landon pulls up in his car.

She walks up to him and gives him a kiss.

Landon: What’d you tell your dad?

Jamie: The truth. I just left you out of it.

They head into the graveyard.

[Transcriber’s Note: This was the very first scene filmed by Shane West and Mandy Moore.]

Ext. Graveyard — Later

Another spot in the graveyard. Jamie is finishing putting together her telescope.

Landon unfolds a piece of paper.

Jamie: Anything special you’d like to see?

Landon: Can you find this star, right here?

He hands her the chart.

Jamie: Em, hmm. [moves to her telescope] So why am I looking for this star?

Landon: Because I had it named for you.

Landon: See it’s official. It’s from the national star registry.

Jamie: This is wonderful……I love you

She hugs him. They sit down together.


Ext. Graveyard — Later

Jamie: Are you trying to seduce me?

Landon: Why? Are you seducible?

She shakes her head with a big mischievous grin.


Landon: So… what’s your number one?

Jamie: To marry in the church where my mother grew up. It’s where my parents were married.


Chapter 20 — “I Can Do That”

Ext. Carter Home — Dawn

After Landon returns home from an all night star watching session with Jamie:

Landon: “Mamma . . . Jamie has faith in me.  You know? She makes me want to be different. Better.

Chapter 21 — Jamie’s Confession [“You”]

Ext. Beaufort Street — Evening

Landon and Jamie are walking down the street.

Landon: “Are you worried about your college applications?”

Jamie: “No. I’m not applying to college.”

Landon: “I thought you said–”

Jamie: “No, you assumed.”

Landon: “Take a year off, try the Pease Corp?”

Jamie: “No.”

Landon: “What are you gonna do?”

Jamie: “I’m sick.”

Landon: “Ill, I’ll take you home. You’ll be–”

Jamie: “No, Landon! [beat] I have Leukemia.”

Landon [shock, disbelief]: “No. You’re 18. You’re perfect.”

Jamie: “No. I found out two years ago. I’ve stopped responding to treatments.”

Landon [nearing tears]: “So why didn’t you tell me?”

Jamie: “The doctors said I should go on and live life normally, as best I could. [struggling] I . . I didn’t want anybody to be weird around me.”

Landon (angry): “Including me?!”

Jamie [in tears]: “Especially you!”


Jamie: You know, I  . . I was getting along just fine. I accepted it, and then YOU happened! [beat] I do not need a reason to be angry with God!”

Jamie runs off in tears. Landon almost follows her, but doesn’t.





Ext. Beaufort boardwalk — Evening

Landon is sitting, looking out on the water. Eric approaches.

Eric: Talk to me man.

Landon: About what?

Eric: About you, about Jamie.

Landon: What’s there to talk about? She’s the best person I’ve ever known.

Chapter 22 — Not Going Anywhere

Ext. Sullivan House — Afternoon

Landon leaves flowers in the porch. There is already an impressive collection.

He walks off and sees Rev. Sullivan, who is just finishing talking to a WOMAN.

Rev. Sullivan (to woman): It was nice seeing you again. (seeing Landon) Landon.

Landon: Please give Jamie a message for me. Tell her “I’m not going anywhere.”

He walks off.

Ext. Carter House — Evening

Landon is fixing his car in the driveway. When he closes the hood he notices that Jamie is standing there.

Jamie: I’m sorry. I really should have told you sooner.

Landon: I made you do too many things–

Jamie: –No. If anything you kept me healthy longer.

Landon: Are you scared?

Jamie (with a weak smile): To death

Landon (grimacing): It’s not funny!

Jamie (seriously): I’m scared of not being with you.

Landon: Oh, Baby, that will never happen. I’ll be here.

Chapter 23 — Back In Step [“Someday We’ll know”]


Chapter 24 — Father and Daughter

Int. Jamie’s Hospital Room — Day

Jamie is in the hospital, in bed. Her father at her side.

Rev. Sullivan: Remember when you were about five or six and you said you hated gravity?

Jamie (smiling, cherishing the memory): Yeah I was so angry when you made me come down.

Rev. Sullivan: See if I held you too close it’s because I wanted to keep you longer. When your mother died I was afraid my heart would never open again. Jamie, I couldn’t look at you for days.

Jamie: I love you so much!

Rev. Sullivan lays his head down on her chest in anguish

Jamie runs her hand over his head.

Chapter 25 — Love Is . . .

Jamie is in bed. Landon is sitting at a nearby desk, nearly asleep. She stirs, getting his attention.

Landon: Hey. How are you feeling?

Jamie: I’m ok, how are you?

Landon: Pretty good.

Jamie: I have something for you.

Landon: You do?

Jamie: Uh hmm.. Don’t worry it’s not a bible.

She hands him an old book with a green cover.

Jamie: It was my mother’s. It’s got quotes from all her favorite books, and quotes by famous people. Her thoughts. Come on.

Landon: Okay, let’s check it out. Okay, (reading) “What is a friend? A friend is a soul dwelling in two bodies.” Aristotle.

Jamie: Uh uh, here. (she gestures to something on another page)

Landon: Okay. “Find out who you are, and do it on purpose.” It’s Dolly Parton.

Jamie (smiling): I always thought she was smart.

Landon (reading): “Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful.”

Jamie: You know what I figured out today?

Landon: What?

Jamie (at peace): Maybe God . . . has bigger plans for me than I had for myself. Like, this journey never ends. Like you were sent to me because I’m sick. To help me through this . . . (she smiles) you’re my angel.

Chapter 26 — Father and Son


Ext Sullivan House — Late Evening

Jamie and Landon sit down after viewing the comet.

Landon: Do you love me?

Jamie: [nods] Yes

Landon: Then will you do something for me?

Jamie: [smiles] Anything.

Landon: Then will you marry me?

Jamie: [smiles] Yes.

Chapter 27 — #1 For Real [“Only Hope”]

Int. Jamie’s Mom’s Church — Day

Reverend Sullivan (presiding), Landon (in a tux), and Jamie (in a beautifully wedding gown) stand before a crowd. Dr. Carter stands in  the place of the best man.

Present in the audience are a Teary eyed Mrs. Carter, Dr. Carter’s new wife, Dean, Belinda, Tracie, Walker, Clay, Mr. Kelly, Luis, Isabel, Miss Garber, the play cast, other students, teachers, congregation members, friends and classmates, etc. The whole place is stuffed and it appears that the entire town of Beaufort has turned out to wish the couple well.

The ceremony is well underway and Rev. Sullivan reads the passage from 1 Corinthians 13.

Rev Sullivan: “Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins . . . but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope . . . and to endure . .  whatever comes . . .


The exchange of rings


the kiss.

The camera zooms between  the happy couple and out the door into a beautiful spring day.

Landon (voice over): “Jamie and I had a perfect summer together . . . with more love than lots of people know in a lifetime . .  and then she went, with her unfailing faith.

Chapter 28 — Her Miracle

Ext. Beaufort Street — Day

A 22 year old Landon Carter pulls up outside of Rev. Sullivan’s home in a SUV. He looks several years older.

Landon (v.o.): “It’s been four years . .  but the visions of Jamie walking toward me . .  will stay with me forever.”

Int. Sullivan Living Room — Day


Landon: “I’m sorry that Jamie never got her miracle.”

Rev. Sullivan: “She did . . . it was you.”

Ext. Beaufort Peer — Day

Landon walks out onto the wooden boardwalk.

Landon (voice over): Jamie saved my life. She taught me everything . . . about life, hope, and the long journey ahead. I’ll always miss her. But our love is like the wind . . . I can’t see it, but I can feel it.

Chapter 29 — End Credits [“Cry”]

Ext. Beaufort Peer — Day

Landon stands out on the wooden boardwalk and takes in a deep breath.

She’s there . . .

Jamie’s voice comes to him from the grave as we move off and the credits roll.

Jamie (v. o. singing):

I’ll Always Remember
It was late afternoon
It lasted forever
And ended so soon  yeah

You were all by yourself
staring up at a dark gray sky
And I was changed

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry (cry)
(The Moment I saw you cry)

It was late in September
And I’d seen you before
(You were all)
You were always the cold one
But I was never that sure.

You were all by yourself
staring up at a dark gray sky
And I was changed

In places no one would find
All your feelings so deep inside (deep inside)
It was then that I realized
That forever was in your eyes
The moment I saw you cry

I wanted to hold you
I wanted to make it go away
I wanted to know you
I wanted to make everything, all right . . .

I’ll always remember
It was late afternoon

In places no one would find
(in places no one would find)
Oh No No No
(All your feelings so deep inside . . . deep inside)
Forever was in your eyes
(It was then that I realized)
That forever was in your eyes
(The moment I saw you cry)

Baby Cry . . . The moment I saw you cry
Oh, no, no
(I think I saw you cry)
The moment I saw you cry
I wanted to know you
I wanted to know you
I wanted to know you . . .




A Walk To Remember (c) 2001, 2002 Warner Brothers.
Screenplay by Karen Janzsen; book by Nicholas Sparks, Directed by Adam Shankman
“Only Hope” (c)2002 By Jonathan Foreman, “Lighthouse” (c) _by Jeral Vince Gray, Percy E. Gray Jr., “Cry” (c)2001 by J. Renald
Transcript by Tim Ryberg <>

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