Tim’s Notes On Sparks’

“A Walk To Remember” (1999)

Novel Outline

Please note that the chapter titles I have listed are NOT from the book and unofficial. I include them here to remind readers what key events happen in each chapter.


A.    Landon Sets Up The Story

II.    Chapter 1 (Background)

A.    Beaufort and Churches
B.    The Christmas Angel
C.    Hegbert
D.    Beaufort and Blackbeard
E.    Senator Worth Carter
F.    Cynthia Carter
G.    The Family Money
H.    Hegbert and Jamie
I.      Miss Garber and Drama
J.    Jamie Sullivan

III.    Chapter 2 (Student Council)

A.    Future Plans
B.    Father’s Suggestion
C.    Landon’s Competition
D.    Landon’s Strategy
E.    Angela
F.    Homecoming Dance
G.    Asking Jamie

IV.    Chapter 3 (The Dance)

A.    Southern Baptists and Dancing
B.    Jamie’s Wardrobe
C.    Eric and Margaret
D.    The Day of the Dance
E.    Picking Up Jamie
F.    The Dance / Jamie
G.    Angela and Lew
H.    Jamie
I.     Helping Angela

V. Chapter 4 (A Favor for Jamie)

A. Landon and his Friends
B. Jamie asks Landon over
C. Jamie asks Landon to play Tom Thornton

VI. Chapter 5 (Getting the part)

A. Landon gets the part
B. Play Practice
C. Ribbing by his friends
D. “Landon’s Idea”

VII. Chapter 6: (The Orphans)

A. Asking Miss Garber
B. Asking Mr Jenkins
C. Visitint the Orphans

VIII. Chapter 7 (Play Practice)

A. Play Practice
B. Getting to know Jamie
C. An encounter with Eric and Margaret
D. Rumors at school
E. A Fight with Jamie

IX. Chapter 8 (Opening Night)

A. The Apology
B. Landon and Eric
C. The Play

X. Chapter 9 (Aftermath)

A. After the play
B. Making it up to Jamie
C. Collecting the donations
D. Counting the donations
E. Christmas Eve at the Orphanage
F. Fallen in Love

XI. Chapter 10 (Christmas)

A. Taking Jamie Home
B. Christmas Day at the Carters
C. A Talk in the Garden (foreshadowing, p. 169)
D. In love . . .
E. The Kiss

XII. Chapter 11 (Her Secret)

A. Jamie and Landon in Love
B. Asking the Reverend’s Permission
C. Asking Jamie

D. New Year’s Eve
E. A Week and a half together
F. Jamie tells her secret

XIII. Chapter 12 (Sickness)

A. Leukemia
B. The Announcement
C. Why Didn’t You Tell Me
D. School on Monday
E. After School
F. Praying for a Miracle
G. Reading the Bible
H. What do I do?
I. Spending time with Jamie/Reading the Bible together
J. Eric and Margaret Visit and leave a gift
K. Steadily Worse
L. “Love Is . . .”
M. Jamie Gets Worse
N. Help from Senator Carter
O. Do you have any regrets?/What should I do?
P. Jamie gets worse/Letters from Orphans
Q. God’s Answer
R. Visiting the Reverent
S. The Proposal

XIV. Chapter 13 (Epilogue)

A. The Wedding/”A Walk To Remember”
B. “When I Was Seventeen . . .”