Tim’s Notes

Tim’s Notes on Sparks’

“A Walk To Remember”

by Tim Ryberg

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Page numbers listed herein will use the mass market paperback version; ISBN: 0-446-60895-5



bullet Author Information
bullet Background on the book

Key Facts

Character Listing (complete)

Novel Summary

Outline of the Novel

Plot Diagram and Explanation

Chapter Summaries

bullet Prologue
bullet Chapter 1
bullet Chapter 2
bullet Chapter 3
bullet Chapter 4
bullet Chapter 5
bullet Chapter 6
bullet Chapter 7
bullet Chapter 8
bullet Chapter 9
bullet Chapter 10
bullet Chapter 11
bullet Chapter 12
bullet Chapter 13 (epilogue)

Character Analyses

bullet Jamie Sullivan
bullet Landon Carter
bullet Rev. Hegbert Sullivan
bullet Senator Worth Carter
bullet Mrs. Cynthia Carter
bullet Miss. Garber
bullet Eric Hunter
bullet Angela Hayes
bullet Other Characters

Discussion Questions

bullet Comprehension
bullet Digging deeper

Essay Topics

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bullet College

Answers to quick questions

The Movie Adaptation




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