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This site costs a great deal of money to run each month (about $50). If you genuinely enjoy the site, please consider supporting the effort. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, but I am prepared to sweeten the pot for users who are willing to donate more, or are willing to donate on a more regular basis.

One Time Donations:

If you donate at least $15 (in a one time donation or cumulatively over time) I am prepared to give you your own SharePoint ID, which will allow you to do more things on the site and sign your message board, poll, and survey posts electronically. You will be allowed to keep the ID for as long as you are active and I have them to give out. [DISCLAIMER: I only have a few ID’s provided by my host. If you fall into inactivity and need the ID I may be forced to delete it. You will be notified a week before I do that, however; in order to decide if you want to become active again.]If you would rather have something else, please let me know. It is possible to give out POP/SMTP email addresses, email forwards, make users moderators of their own message board/forum and other things. I am still learning all of this. Interested? Email me. I have these things with the account. I may as well take advantage of them, all I ask is the favor of a donation to help pay the bills.

Use this button to make a one time donation:

This is done through the PayPal service that you are probably already using for eBay auctions or other online transactions. It is safe and secure, and you can use a major credit card or deduct it directly from your bank account. Visit the website for details.

If you are feeling more generous, please consider making a regular donation to the site. If you make a regular donation of at least $5 a month, you will be entitled to a perpetual SharePoint ID for as long as you continue to make your donation. In the event that you cease your donations the ID will be deleted (however, you will still be able to post as an anonymous user) unless we make other arrangements.

Use this button to donate to the site on a monthly basis
(Suggested Donation $5)

You may discontinue this at any time through the website

If you would like to make a different one time or monthly donation, please email <> and I will send you a link that will allow you to donate in the amount you desire. You may also log onto the sit and send me a one time payment the regular way. Please specify that amount and if it should be one time or monthly in your email.After you make a qualifying donation, email <> and tell me what you want your user ID to be. You may also use the New Account Request Form, or you can provide the same information in the body if your payment notification. Please don’t ask for the names of real people or characters associated with the movie. To avoid confusion I am not allowing them.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a commercial site. These donation buttons are here for those who WISH to make a FREE WILL donation to the cost of hosting the site and chat room. No one is required to do so and I assure you I am still loosing money at this.